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Keep in mind the only information that has to be accurate in advertisements is the pricing information.
The more things change, the more they stay the same!

This page is a continuation of my effort to provide information that can help you hang onto your money.

  1. Sound to simple to work?
  2. Hacksaw / File Test
  3. Drag Tests – Woody's / Others
  4. Dual Runner Rods
  5. Anti-Darting Carbides
  6. USI-SPX ski

More recent reasons to – Hang onto your wallet!

When you spend your hard earned money on their product shouldn't it live up to their hype. None of us want to spend more than we have to, to have fun!

  1. Yamaha FX Nytro Front End Upgrade
  2. Hard turning Polaris IQ
  3. Give your Adrenaline some "X" Appeal
  4. Curve Skis and their new Leading Edge
  5. Power Steering
  6. Ride Straight
  7. Another Anti-Darting product
  8. Ice Claw, Pre Studded Track
  9. 2011 Apex Ski
  10. Simmons - WHY? NOT
  11. The Issue of Darting
  12. New SLP Spindles, 2016

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