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Disappointing - Gimmicks

A History of Products Designed only to Reduce Darting

Products that present a flat profile up front will push even more in the corners because the weight is focused towards the front of the ski keel. Their turning carbide wears heavy on the front inch or 2, just like the OEM ski turning carbide.

Typical Carbide Wear Pattern

The inability to avoid trees or make a tight corner are downsides you may not be able to live with.

1991 – Polaris – Easy Steer wear rod

1992 – Arctic Cat – Easy Steer Kit

1998 – Ski Doo – Proactive Control System

2000 – Ski Doo – Pro-flex ski

2008 - Cobra Head | used | 2012 ad

2010 - Leading Edge – left ski | right ski | ski wear pattern | Left LE | Right LE | rubber stops

201? - Dartless

2015 - Woody's Navigator

Aftermarket Skis

(As already mentioned, on my website, I am not a fan of any aftermarket ski. Unless you ride mostly off trail, OEM skis work fine, with my system!)

C&A-Pro, Curve, & USI, skis create deeper ruts than the OEM skis so they will fall deeper into their ruts.

Other Testimonials: SLT & Simmon Skis  |  USI 301 Project X  |  C&A - Pro  |  Slydog

The only positive reason to use Simmons skis is for improved floatation off trail. It has been established that Simmons skis dart following other Simmons skis as well as Ski-Doo's Precision skis.

The similarity of the distance between the carbides on Simmons Flexi-ski's, Gen II, Gen III, Ski Doo's Precision skis and Split Rail skis indicate they will dart following each other.

The turning carbides on all these skis have the same wear pattern as OEM skis.

You don't have to take my word for it!

Seeing is believing!

Products that provide a more substantial profile up front, lower mpg and increase track spin, because of added resistance. The wear pattern on all these turning carbides demonstrate only the front 1-2 inches of the turning carbide were engaged. The "Laws of Physics" treat all snowmobile skis and carbides the same!!!

2001 – SLP - Keel Blades

2002 – Polaris – Accu-Trak

2003 – Dooly – side shot | front shot | temporary fix | Dual runners-not

2006 – Deuce Bar - 500 miles testimonial

2008 – SnowTracker | Fins | Phazer FX | AC Turbo Touring

2009 – Slim Jim - photo - 320 mile pressure point


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