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Belt Racheting Installation Technique

Adding shim to ski and install ski with ratchet strap

Be sure to replace worn bolt, nut, and cotter pin if needed

  1. Jack up front of sled
  2. Remove cotter pin
  3. Remove nut and bolt
  4. Pull ski off spindle
  5. Remove the rubber boot
  6. Install shim to bottom of boot as instructed
  7. While skis are off replace the skegs
  8. Install rubber boot (with shim installed) back to spindle end
  9. Place ski up to spindle and insert bolt from outside in, some force is required to start bolt, tap with hammer
  10. Take a ratchet strap and place over suspension but stay off the tie rod. Be sure to place padding (shop towels, rags or equivalent) on suspension and under the strap (see pictures)
  11. Place hook under ski on the skeg, ratchet strap over suspension and place the other hook on skeg (see pictures)
  12. Pull strap up tight, then crank the ratchet a few times until ski pulls up, might need to wiggle ski a little, holes will align with very little effort
  13. Push bolt the rest of the way through spindle and ski saddle, might need to tap with hammer
  14. Install nut and cotter pin





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