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American Snowmobiler EPS Apex

American Snowmobiler
2011 Buyers Guide
Tech Notes
By Olav Aaen
Page 60-61

Yamaha breaks ground with power steering
Para # 9
The result is much lighter steering effort in tight, low-speed situations. Power steering effort varies with vehicle speed, and tapers off as speed increases…. Above 40 mph, there is no assist, since at that speed a balanced ski and runner setup takes over.

Para # 11
Added weight for the power steering package is approximately 6 lbs….
Para # 12
… West Yellowstone…late March…. Between 20 and 40 mph… I ran into some situations in 30 mph tight curves during aggressive driving when it actually felt like the steering was too light and I had to correct more often.

Para # 13
“Shaper Bars” actually worked the best with the EPS.

Para # 17
The new Apex also bristles with other improvements. From a handling and ride standpoint there are new skis and spindle geometry, a new die-cast Deltabox steering gate, a 128” track and needle bearings in the suspension pivot-points.

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