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Expert Advice- Studding Tracks - Not so!!!

If they had read and understood Collision Research Limited's report, which S.E.S.R.A. had requested they would have known better. CRL found that the ¼" stickout stops sleds 10% faster than 3/8". By not telling snowmobilers this they have insured more track damage and a 10% increase in stopping distance. Either way, if snowmobilers take their bad advice they will be spending more money at the dealer and/or the Doctor, especially if a tree was 15% closer.

Testing on ice - Page 31-33

"It is interesting to note that the ¼" over lug values appear to be somewhat higher than the 3/8" over the lug values. However, these results are for all practical purposes fairly constant. It is most likely that the 3/8" over the lug picks began to exceed the available integrity of the ice as well as the fact that the longer picks have a little more leverage and allow for more rearward bending on the stud and track relative to the vertical. The effect of the floating also has been considered.

Keep in mind, Woody's studs, with their secret shoulder, cupped head and backer plate, were used in the tests.

Woody's secret stud shoulder

Woody's 1996 drawing superimposed over 1992 stud photo

Woodys - irrelevant

Woodys - Still Irrelevant

Sesra - grass breaking distance - page 26

Sesra - pavement breaking distance - page 27

Sesra - packed/groomed snow - page 28

Sesra - clammy/packed/wet snow - page 29

Sesra - scraped/hard packed/icy road - page 30

Sesra - ice breaking distance - page 34

Stud installation history

Snowcross & Studs – What's up with that???

As the graphs demonstrate – if you are not on ice studs are pretty much irrelevant. Why would racers add approximately 5 lbs to their track if there is no benefit? $$$$ponserships!!!

Expert Advice

S.E.S.R.A. (Snowmobile Educational Safety Research Assco.) = Stud Manufacturers

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