vs. B14

The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!

B11-A Overlay
The Dark ski in the background is the new Artic Cat 2010 plastic ski (B14).

The 2010 (B14) keel profile compared to their original 1995 plastic ski (B11-A).

As you can see, after 15 years, the new B14 keel is barely flatter than the 1995, B11-A keel.
This slight difference will provide no significant difference in performance over the original plastic ski.

They seem to have focused on reducing the effort to turn the handlebar over their last three ski designs,
of course the ability to turn was also reduced.

DON'T get me started on their silly Staggard wear rods! Talk about a death trap! That concept is criminal! In my opinion any product that reduces your ability to steer is unsafe. It's a shame snowmobilers have become so desperate they are willing to give up steering to stop darting.

I've said it for years – No ski should be less than 6" wide!


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