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Insanity is:
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.

These pictures are worth thousands of words!

In my opinion these guys got paid for doing next to nothing!



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I used the rear bolt of the front loop because the front loops are interchangable however that's only one perspective. The stacked version shows the relationship more accurately.



Proof positive that they are clearly chasing their tales.

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As you can see the 2012 spindle location is almost back to the 2005 location!


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Relationship to spindle bolts!

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Compared to the 2011 ski a half inch either way is functionally irrelevant.

SnowGoer Premier, 2012
2012/ Yamaha/ Apex SE / Tom Kaiser / Page 54 & 56

"Snowmobiling's Hot-Rod Lincoln"

…EPS provides nearly effortless steering that calms some of the previously darty nature of the Deltabox II chassis.

…Now sporting its "third generation" front suspension with a revised ski design, Yamaha's engineers have gotten closer to cooking a recipe for ideal front-end snowmobile handling, but there is still work to be done.

Whereas lower and lighter machines will dive into a corner without the need to scrub much speed – one of the elemental joys of performance snowmobiling – you can't resist the impulse to grab the brakes when the Apex approaches a tight corner. It doesn't dart as much as it used to before EPS, but it will still lift a ski unexpectedly and can feel tippy through sharp "S" curves.

…Riders unconcerned about cornering speeds will be delighted and amazed.

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